Delay in 5D and other overseas products


At the moment we cannot guarantee delivery times but we can still place orders as usual. There will be delays as airlines restrict their routes. 

LOCAL STOCK for 5D diamond paintings - SEE HOT SALE ITEMS on the menu,

other 5D and accessories are sourced from Overseas as that is where they're all manufactured.

Current Delays of Overseas packages

Update  20 May 2020

Factories are very busy as orders have boomed during this lockdown stage, so delays are expected in processing - estimated 5-10 day delay in posting items.

Some packages are beginning to move now from the airline pickups, and are arriving in Australia.

With the current global outbreak of coronavirus, more than 70% of flights have ceased operations, which has been a huge challenge for international transportation. The limited flight's resources caused a delay for all international package delivery.

All shipping methods are facing a some delays due to the limited flights.

We are keeping a close watch on all packages to ensure they get here – Eventually.

Thank you for your patience in the time of global shutdown.

Rob & Liz Whittaker


Rob & Liz W

20 May 2020


We offer free Worldwide postage on almost all of our online store items. Exclusions listed on large or heavy items or local stock on sale.

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