5D DIY Diamond Embroidery Full Square /Round "Custom DIY painting"

  • $17.99

Custom 5D instructions

a. Here is what you need to do to get a good result etc.

b. Just purchase the item via eBay or the store and choose your size and pay for it.

 c. Then follow the directions on the attached picture on how to attach it to a message to us.

 Tip. The larger the size the better the result, provided you provide a photo that is of good quality and size.


I recommend around at least 120kb to 250kb in size. (Please check the size via your computer as a small 10kb photo won't work. If you right click on any photo and choose properties, you'll see the size at the bottom.)

 As long you hold the rights to the photo and they are morally and legally acceptable no problem.

 We will send it off to our suppliers to have it made it.


We are a family company and import products on demand direct to you from an overseas factory to keep overall re-posting costs down.

We offer free shipping on almost all items. Refunds on faulty goods or replacement of missing items.

Our suppliers will carefully make up each order. To achieve the best outcome, that order typically take 3- 7 days to produce.

We do support worldwide shipping. It can take up to 21 days to Australia and about 14 days to US, Canada; other countries will take up to 21 days. In total, we expect 3 - 4 weeks for delivery.


  1. 5D Diamond Painting Art is easy to use, even Kids Can Do It, great for chillin out, or for people who are incapacitated, sick or bed bound. 
  2. No mess, simple to do, follow the codes to complete the pattern 
  3. Everything you need is included.  It is like Painting with Diamonds.
  4. Can we suggest a frame if you would like to display the finished product, or a bead box to help you stay organised or a light box to assist with seeing the codes? Check out our accessories section.
  5. Why is it called 5D Diamond Art? It’s about the facets on the diamonds. 5D means more facets than 3D. 5D diamonds sparkle more than 3D diamonds.


Production steps Link

Some 5D diamond painting designs offer round or square drill beads. Others just 1 type is available.

Handy hint - The larger the design you choose, the more detailed your image will be.