Free 20x20 Deal Information Page

Hi, what's with this 20x20 deal you ask?

Well -----

This is a no scam deal.

Choose any 35x35cm - 5D diamond painting or larger, and then choose any 20x20cm - 5D painting for free. (35x35 or 30x40, 25x45 you get the idea)

No, we have not increased the prices to cover the cost. This is a genuine deal for short time. Can't find what you are after? Just message us and we'll try and find it for you.

So, we are happy to send you a free 20x20 of your choice. Visit our store and choose one, or let us know which one you'd like. That it. Totally free. We can turn any picture into a 20x20. We'll send it with your order.

Follow the links below or visit our home page.

Large 5D paintings (clickable pictures)


  Animals              Birds               Butterflies                 Children           


   Dragons           Flowers, Plants          Landscapes             


      Movies/TV                         People                    Sea / Beach                     


      Sea animals                      Transport                       Other              

Free 20x20 links (clickable pictures)


  Animals           Birds, Butterflies               Children             


   Movies / TV               People                  Sea / Beach                



    Transport                          Other