150x10cm Super Strong Fibre Waterproof Tape Stop Leaks Seal Repair Tape

  • $50.00


  • Super Strong
  • Waterproof
  • Seal leaks on the go
  • Bonds to all sorts of things. Patch Bond Seal Repair
  • Great for plumbing jobs
  • Joins pieces together with strong bonding
  • More than 17000 sold already
  • 4.8 star votes from almost 4000 people.


  • 100m width
  • 1520mm length

Check out the video https://cloud.video.taobao.com/play/u/4015361056/p/1/e/6/t/10301/223797479700.mp4



This product originates in either the USA, China or another overseas supplier. We quote between 10-19 business days for overseas orders. Comes with tracking.