5D Diamond Painting Full Square embroidery mosaic "Star Wars -Master Yoda"

  • $24.99


Some diamond designs offer round or square drill beads. Others just 1 type is available.

NB: Postage times can vary so allow 10-19 working days as these come from an overseas supplier.

Handy hint - The larger the design you choose, the more detailed your image will be.  

Check out our YouTube video of a box being unpacked for the first time below and how it works.

What's in the the 5D package? 

How it works



Here is what you need to do to get a good result etc.

Just purchase the item via eBay or our website and choose your size and pay for it.

Then follow the directions on the attached picture on how to attach it to a message to us.

Tip. The larger the size the better the result, provided you provide a photo that is of good quality and size.

I recommend around at least 200kb to 1 mb in size. (Please check the size via your computer as a small 10kb photo won't work)

As long you hold the rights to the photo and they are morally and legally acceptable no problem.

We will send it off to our suppliers to have it made it.

We quote between 10-20 business days though this can vary both ways by a few days normally quicker.

The item is tracked so both of us can keep an eye on where it to make sure it is delivered.

We don't reuse or sell etc,  personal photos and won’t pass them to anyone except the supplier of course.


We hope this helps.

Any other question gladly answered. Happy shopping


Rob & Liz



DIY Diamond painting production steps

  1. Open the box/bag and check the diamond drawings special tools.
  2. View the resin diamond colour, arranged in order of coding.
  3. Uncover part of covering of the drawing, you will see a lot of symbols corresponding to the colour coding. We suggest just peeling a part back, not the whole at once!
  4. According to the corresponding colour code - place the corresponding resin inlaid

diamond on that symbol.

  1. Suggestion - use one type of the resin diamond at a time for faster completion and ease.
  2. In order to create a perfect diamond painting drawing, put together in one place and work on that colour packet.
  3. Push straight down onto mat with the diamonds.
  4. Keep it neat by aligning the beads close together to avoid gaps.
  5. We suggest using little tubs or containers to keep beads in.
  6. To complete a good diamond drawing, put your finished product in a suitable frame for display.


About Photo Custom

It is really popular and fashionable to customize whatever the photo you want to

make a diamond painting, such as your family or your own portrait, wedding

pictures, photos of travelling, pets, and beautiful scenery etc. Then you can

DIY your own photo with your family, and finally put it in a frame on the wall of

your house or give it to others as a unique and memorable gift! Just place the

order and send your photo to us, and we will give you a perfect diamond

embroidery of any photo you want!

Style: Modern
Material: Resin
Number of Colors: 1-30
Diamond Shape: Square
Frame: No
Use: Paintings
Pasting Area: Full
Brand Name: ioostar
Form: Separate
External Packaging: Paper Bag
Canvas Packing Method: Rolled Up
Pattern Type: Portrait
Use: Household Essentials/Decoration Pattern Type
Kits Embroidery Method: Diamond painting full square /round
Diamond painting Set Type: diy Diamond painting
Diamond painting Completion: Need you Handmade Material of Diamond
Types: 5D Diamond Embroidery cross Stitch
Tools: Tweezers, Pick-Up pen, glue and plate
Material: Resin rhinestones
Finished or no: unfinished, need handmade by buyer, Diy
Custom or drop shipping: yes, welcome custom or drop shipping
Pattern: Star Wars Master Yoda