Scarf Knitting Machine Knitting Loom Hobby Kit with Knitting Wool Yarn

  • $19.50

Product Description

Weaving just got simple ,fast and fun! Put a new spin on weaving and create so many possibilities. Easy to set up and easy to use. Weave scarves, baskets, pillow covers, purse, etc.

How to use the knitting machine?

1. Turn the lever to one side and place the 15 pegs onto the base making sure that the guides at the top of the pegs alternate directions.

2. For each peg, measure and cut your warp strands twice the length of the article you plan to make, plus an extra 12.

3. Place the center of each warp strand into a guide and pull down slightly to secure. Arrange the warp strands so they are extending away from the lever.

4a. Hold your weft strand at the top of the pegs, pull at each end.

4b. Place the weft between the alternating guides.

5. Pull the weft down through the center of the peg guides.

6. Rotate the lever to the other side.

7. Hold your weft strand at the top of the pegs.

8. Pull down through the guide.

9. While holding the peg, slowly pull the warp until it just touches that peg. Do not pull any more and cause the peg to bend.

10. Continue repeating steps 6-9. As the pegs begin to fill up, simply push the weft down towards the base to tighten the weave. Once the weft covers the pegs about 4-5, move on step 11.

11. Starting at one end, pull one peg (along with its warp strand) all the way out of the woven portion.

12. Place the peg (with warp still in the guide) back into the base.

13. Repeat with each peg and place the woven portion at the base of the pegs.

14. Continue weaving and advancing to achieve the desired length. Then pull each peg and wrap them all the way out of the woven portion and remove the wrap from the guides.

15. Smooth out the woven portion. Make sure that the weft is pushed together as tightly as desired and that the warp strands are pulled tight. There are different ways to proceed depending on what you are making.