DIY Wooden Puzzle Model Kit Stereo Solar Stairs Rolling Ball Jigsaw Toy Kit

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DIY Wooden Puzzle Model Kit Stereo Solar Stairs Rolling Ball Jigsaw Wood Crafts for Home Office Decor STEM Toy Kit


The wood is eco-friendly and healthy, with laser cutting technology, high precision and clean surface
The parts fit well, and the assembly is stable. Every corner and surface are finely polished and polished to ensure no sharp points and no burrs.

When the product is assembled, glue is needed at the track (need to prepare by yourself), and it can be used as a model decoration after assembly
A device that converts solar radiation energy into electrical energy through photoelectric effect or photochemical effect or indirectly by absorbing sunlight
When sunlight hits the solar cell, the photon energy will excite the electrons in the semiconductor material to generate electronic power and provide motor power
Under normal circumstances, please use it under the sunlight, but the sunlight can be strong or weak under different conditions. Under strong conditions, you can move as soon as you put it in the sun. If it is not strong, it will take a few seconds to reach Only a few minutes of energy storage can move
In order to avoid the situation of no sun, a battery-powered box is provided (need to prepare 2Pcs AA batteries by yourself), which can be used in no sun, indoor and other environments. Pull the switch to start, and the working track during transmission can be clearly seen
Note: 1. Play on sunny days and get the best play effect under direct sunlight outdoors; 2. Use 50-watt halogen lamps for indoor games; 3. Cloudy, dark places, indirect light and fluorescent lights, etc., will make toys Unable to move; 4. When the palm is close to the ground under the sun, the edge lines of the palm shadow can be clearly seen. If the edge is blurred, it means that the strength is insufficient, and the toy may move slowly or not move.


Material: Linden Plywood + Electronic Components
Product Weight: 470g
Package Dimensions: 26 x 18 x 5.2cm
Package Weight: 510g
Packing: Plastic Seal + Paper Card

Package Content:

1Set x Puzzle Model
3 x Steel Ball
1 x English Instruction Book

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