Large Magic Colour Rainbow Scratch Art Paper Notebook Fully Black

  • $29.99


Looking for a colourful craft that suits any age from 3 years and up?

Why not try this cool craft. Promotes creativity and helps with relaxation.


How to do 
1. Scratch off black to reveal colours
2. Reveal the color underneath. 


1. Blank matte black pages with a rainbow of colors and patterns hidden underneath.
2. Simply scratch off the black coating with the included wooden stylus to reveal the kaleidoscope of colors underneath.
3. Great for kids or adults, DIY graffiti, hand drawing, intelligence development, as well as adults leisure and entertainment.
4. Made of paper material scratch book, with lightweight, tough and durable features.
5. Perfect for doodle, jot notes, making cards, sketch, draw, etc.
6. Nice present for you and your friends.

Color: random.
Size: 19*26cm


Package includes:
1* scratch note(10 pages). 2 covers
1* pen(wooden pen or plastic pen random delivery).


These kits are sourced from overseas

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