Patchwork Latch Pillow kits Needle work thread embroidery "Unicorn"

  • $42.99

Grab a Latch hook rug

  1. Great patterns
  2. All inclusive of all yarns and tools
  3. DIY - complete it yourself
  4. Colour fast, no smell, Firm wool, Bright colours

A video of what's in most kits

What's in the kit?

Warning be careful to follow the pattern - not just the printed sections.

Embroidered carpet(rug) & Pillow are DIY unfinished embroidery set, 

In set, there are enough different colors yarns, high quality background cushion and tools.

This kit will offer you a rug that is wonderfully lush and can be made to fit any decor motif.

The possibilities are astounding you can use them on the floor, wall, sofa, bed and window.