5D Diamond overview page

5D diamond painting is a easy no mess craft which can be used a stress relief or mounted as Wall Art in the home. Some people use these as a gift or use it to suit a room in your own home after framing them.

We can offer a full range of sizes. If it isn't showing contact us for quote. Any 5D in round or square also contact us if it not showing as available.

Free or postage or all included prices quoted on the website

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Large 5D paintings (clickable pictures)


  Animals        Birds            Butterflies     Children           


 Dragons         Flowers, Plants      Landscapes     



 Movies/TV                    People             Sea / Beach                     


  Sea animals             Transport                   Other      

Custom/ personalised  (send us your own photo)     

Can't find what you are after? Contact us and we will try to hunt down a pattern to suit you.

What some of our customers have said

1. I am very impressed with the quality of the packing and wrapping which makes it less inclined to get quashed in the mail.  The canvas, glue are of better quality.  The waxy paper that you peel back appears to be thicker and stronger, making it far less inclined to peel away on it's own accord and create bubbles which I had a lot of trouble with the last painting that I did.  The only complaint I would have is the code numbers on the diamond sachets.  It is done in a shiny gold which for me who has eye sight problems makes it very hard to see.  You have to get it just on the right angle to have any hope of reading it and also, against some colours it is nearly impossible to read.  I would have thought a bold bright white colour would be far more suitable. 5D diamond Sloth

2.  Great product and fast postage -5D DIY Diamond embroidery Painting Kits -Full Square / Round Drill "David Bowie"

3.☆☆☆WONDERFUL 5 STAR SELLER. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND ☆☆☆ - 5D DIY Diamond embroidery Painting Kits -Full Square / Round Drill "Budgie"

4.Love it, gave it as a gift -5D DIY Diamond embroidery Painting Kits -Full Square / Round Drill "Combi Van.

5. Happy with Item, wished I had ordered a larger one. 5D DIY Diamond embroidery Painting Kits -Full Square / Round Drill " John Wayne'

6. would buy from again. great to do business with. 5D DIY Diamond Embroidery Painting Full Square/Round Drill "Freddie Mercury