1. How long does it take to delivery products to me? If the product originates from overseas it normally takes between 20-30 days depending on transit times and the time of year. Local items are generally within a week.

2. Why don't you have 5D's in Australia? No one in Australia has the machines that make them.

3. Why don't you stock them locally? There are so many to choose from we can't stock them all, and it is cheaper and easier to have them sent straight to you from our suppliers both in Australia and overseas. Also we no longer have a physical shop.

4. How do I know where my item it is? You can track your package after a few days via the link sent in your emails.

5. Can I return the item? Yes, provided it is in salable condition or it is faulty somehow. We can replace or refund faulty items within a reasonable time frame.

6. Do you negotiate on price? We can do on some items.

7. What if I can't find what I need? Email us and we will endeavour to track it down and give you a quote.