Production Steps 5D

 DIY 5D Paint with Diamonds production steps

  1. Open the box/bag and check the diamond drawings special tools. 
  2. View the resin diamond colour,arranged in order of coding. 
  3. Uncover part of covering of the drawing, you will see a lot of symbols corresponding to the colour coding. We suggest just peeling a part back, not the whole at once! 
  4. According to the corresponding colour code - place the corresponding resin inlaid 5D diamond on that symbol. Suggestion - use one type of the resin diamond at a time for faster completion and ease. 
  5. In order to create a perfect 5D diamond painting drawing, put together in one place and work on that colour packet. 
  6. Push straight down onto mat to ensure the 5D diamonds are solidly in place. 
  7. Keep it neat by aligning the beads close together to avoid gaps. 
  8. We suggest using little tubs or containers to keep beads in. 
  9. To complete a good 5D diamond art painting, put your finished product in a suitable frame for display.
  10. The use of a light Box will help see the codes.

 Check out our YouTube video of a box being unpacked for the first time below and how it works.

 What's in the the 5D diamond package?


How diamond painting works