Interview with Alex


Alex N.

Where abouts do you live Port Adelaide S.A.

Age range: eg  40-50

What do you like most about 5D diamond paintings?

The end result,a beautiful sparking master piece.

How long have you been doing them for?

One month have completed my very first small picture and I'm addicted. Though I've been cross stitching for years this is a lot faster but just as satisfying.

 What topics do you like to do? Nature,

Do you mount your finished products or just keep them in a box?

Definitely will mount or frame everyone I do.

Our suppliers 5D’s of good quality?

Waiting for delivery from you and another supplier.

How have we been helpful to you since you are a regular customer?

Most definitely very helpful without a doubt.

What else could we do for you as a customer to help?

Not a thing I can think of, you are on top of your game 100%


We thank Alex for being part of our interest based customer interviews.

This is an unpaid interview no payment or kick back is in place for this information. We do though help out with good pricing for regular customers or very large orders or sizes, and seek to find picture that customers are after, that are not readily available.