Interview with Sarah

Name or initials:  Sarah W

Where abouts do you live:   Adelaide, South Australia

Age range: 45-50

What do you like most about 5D diamond paintings?

I love the precision involved, watching the picture take form and find it helps me to unwind at end of day.



How long have you been doing them for?

Started in early 2019

What topics do you like to do? 

I’m a Star Trek tragic, so to date all have been various Star Trek Series Posters. I’m thinking of doing one of my children in the future. 


Do you mount your finished products or just keep them in a box?

I have started to mount and frame them. 


Our suppliers 5D’s of good quality? Especially if you have had others from other suppliers.

The quality has always been exceptional. I had one purchased which was missing a couple of colours. I contacted scrapnpatch, who immediately sent me the missed colours. I’ve never had this occur again. Scrapnpatch are so easy to converse with. 

How have we been helpful to you since you are a regular customer?

Scrapnpatch have gone out of their way to assist me in sourcing 5D diamond paintings that I wish to make. I have not found this type of assignment with any other company. Their communication is the best and so easy to deal with. I am so grateful to them. 



What else could we do for you as a customer to help?

I cannot fault Scrapnpatch. I would love to try “painting by numbers” and would love to purchase from Scrapnpatch if they choose to diversify into this area. I’m not great at painting, so this would be my attempt. 



We thank Sarah for being part of our interest based customer interviews.

This is an unpaid interview no payment or kick back is in place for this information. We do though help out with good pricing for regular customers or very large orders or sizes, and seek to find picture that customers are after, that are not readily available.